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In 2014 our team launched, a recruiting app which improves the productivity of hiring teams. Since the launch of, we grew from 100 employer accounts to over 1500 employer accounts. During this period, we interacted with hiring employers to truly understand their pain points and researched more innovative ways to address their challenges. As a result of this extensive research we created SnapX Platform to solve the very fundamental problems of employers.

The following stats are an example of the current challenges encountered in the recruiting industry, which we intend to address leveraging blockchain technology:

The following illustration is a visual representation of some the challenges in the recruiting industry:

We reverse engineered from this viewpoint to create a solution which assists hiring employers to improve the time-to-hire, reduce the costs and ultimately improve the quality-of-hire while providing job seekers the ability to represent themselves with verified and secure credentials to present to the employers.

“SnapX Platform aims to solve the critical issue of unsubstantiated profiles in the job market and will tremendously help reduce recruiting efforts and ensures the relevancy of job applicants while leveraging the supply chain used to validate the job seeker’s credentials.
There are many promising and innovative projects which are using blockchain concepts as the building blocks for their ecosystem. These look great on paper but can be surreal when it comes to implementation, as interacting with a blockchain can get expensive. Since blockchain technology is still evolving, one needs to use it in moderation to complement the traditional application and techniques. A smart way to build a sustainable solution is to lower the costs associated with developing it. Besides, one should always adopt technologies which reduce the operational costs and within blockchain, it will indirectly lower the payments for all who participate while helping to mobilize them to interact in the ecosystem. The end product should address the real pain point issues of employers and job seekers, not disrupt the current solutions. The approach should be to build a user-friendly, scalable product which is pluggable into existing solutions and opens up doors for partnerships with existing supply chain solutions in the market.

Here are some blockchain-based applications from SnapX Platform.

Creating an Immutable Timeline

Conducting background verification checks in the recruitment industry is a ubiquitous process when onboarding an employee. It requires employers to authenticate a candidate’s employment history and personal identity. Some parts of the employment history will not change. However, a complete background check is conducted every time. Blockchain technology allows timeline based background check attestations. A one-time verification of information which does not change will ensure that it can be tracked and not altered. Blockchain technology will enable participants to store and securely share this data while rewarding all background screening solutions (and all other supply chain partners) who participate in validating the data.

Giving Back The Ownership Of Data

Single point of failure, hacking of information, violation of privacy and sharing without the knowledge of the data owner are prime issues with today’s centralized approach. With decentralized blockchains, we can give the control of the data back to the owner. It inherently means no one organization controls or manages the data which immediately reduces risks of data leaks when compared to a traditional approach.

Professional Identity On the Go

A non-social verified career profile on the blockchain can help applicants score a job faster. Once attested by a National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) accredited verification body, users can store this Digitally Authenticated Professional Identity (DAP ID) on their mobile phone or personal cloud. It's an exciting scenario if the DAP ID could be used for walk-in interviews, job fairs or other pre-arranged interviews in the near future.



Over the past six months, SnapX Platform has on-boarded ten advisors from the Legal, Blockchain, HR, Marketing and Security industries. Additionally, we partnered strategically with companies who can help us make these profile attestations possible (i.e, reference checks, skills, assessments, education, compensation, etc.).

Advisor and Strategic Partner names to be published soon.

Stay tuned!

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